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S-10 tubular control arms
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S-10 tubular control arms

S-10 upper and lower tubular control arms

S-10 upper control arm set
this set also comes with long travel balljoints

S-10 lower control arm set
shock and sway bar tabs shipped loose

Above are the 2005 version of the tubular upper and lower control arm sets for the S-10. these fit all years and can be ordered as seen above or in any custom configuration.  these parts will lay the frame on your ride with up to 22" wheels with drop spindles and up to 18" wheels without drop spindles.
Uppers: the upper arms fit and use the factory crossbar and use a factory bolt pattern long travel balljoint. the set includes the balljoints and Energy Suspension bushings. the bushings are the same ones you can buy for the stock control arms. the bushings are graphite impregnated polyurethane. the balljoints are also the same ones that fit the stock control arms. so theres so oddball parts to try and find later down the road.
the balljoint plates are 1/4" thick laser cut from HR steel. the tubes are 1&1/4" DOM tube with a 1/4" wall thickness. HD is the name of this game as many peeps like to hop a truck.
Lowers: these lower tube arms are made from 1&1/4" DOM tube with a 1/4" wall thickness. the bushing ends are also 1/4" thick. the bushings are also polyurethane as the upper ones are. balljoint is the same one that fits the stock S-10 arms, no oddball parts to find later. no lower cup is needed on the lowerrs, just bolt the bag to the lower arm. shock tabs and sway bar tabs are sent loose so you can put them where they fit best. these will lay up to 18s with stock pindles and up to 22s with drop spindles.

S-10 control arm sets are updated as of December 1st. the new style parts are built with 1&1/4" DOM tube with a 1/" wall thickness. uppers and lowers are made with this tubing. very heavy duty parts. the outer bushing sleeves on the lowers are made with 2" DOM with a 1/4" wall, and the upper outer sleevs are made with 1&3/4" DOM with a 1/4" wall.
** these parts will also be sold in the ad for in Minitruckin' magazine beginning in the March 2005 issue. they will also be sold on the SSD website.

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