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Barnyard Customs

S-10 tubular control arms
shop projects
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shop projects

projects we have worked on lately

we usually have about 6 project trucks in the shop at any time. usually 4 of these are long term projects and the others are short term "have to go" projects.
in the recent past we have done a Ranger bag setup with a Z of the front frame.
an S-10 rear bag setup that we did a 5 link on.
another S-10 that we did a full bag setup on with a 2 link and bags.
a FS chevy that we added tubs in the rear and a tank/compressor setup under the bed to go with the already installed nitrogen tanks.
we are currently doing a frame up redo on a S-10 that some other unnamed shop screwed up badly.
we are doing a FS chevy that had a bad chop top we are redoing and a rear frame clip we had to change. we will redo the 4 link and bodywork as well.
we have an Isuzu that needs full bodywork and a refab of the rear section of the frame. the interior of the cab, bed and front end all have to be redone and sent to the paint shop. then we can reassemble it.
we have in house owned projects like Sherman Fullington's Pathfinder with a Toyota front frame clip and reaar tube frame, body drop and redone interior.
we also are working on the Dawgsled and my sons FS chevy.

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